About Us

Academy of Business Studies (ABS), New Delhi is a group of professionals with backgrounds of management, law and IT.

The organisation started operations in 1983. It works from a modest flat at Ansari Road in the publishing district of Delhi.

The promoter

ABS was founded by Arun Goyal. He is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad known by his column in Economic Times.

He appears regularly on public and private platforms in India and abroad.

We work in the following sectors

    • Trade Research and Consultancy
    • Daily News Service through Web and Print
    • Database Development


  • Publishing

Our current activities and past achievements:

ABS News Service is accredited to Government of India. Recently, it has started publication of Daily Index of Changes for specified users as well as the web sites and Newspapers on trade matters.

  • Design management and daily updation of websitecustada.in on Customs Tariff for Economic Division, Ministry of Finance.
  • Design, management and daily updation of website worldtradescanner.com covering database and daily updation of world trade, customs, excise and import policy.
  • The first edition of BIG’s Easy Reference GST Rates on Goods and Services June 2017 published by ABS in collaboration with Tally Solutions India Pvt. Limited.
  • The popular book Easy Reference Customs Tariff 2017, 40th GST edition, along with the Daily and Weekly update service are recent activities.
  • Recent Research: Completed a Research Project for Ministry of Electronics on WTO IT Agreement and its Coverage on HS.

One of the major findings of study was mobile phone were never a part of the IT Agreement. This finding has been accepted by the Government and implemented by a 10% duty on the instrument.

  • Successfully completed the reorganisation of the complex Indian Export and Import Policy on the internationally accepted Harmonised System for the Commerce Ministry, Government of India. The work programme spread over seven years and covered over 12,000 computer records. The document was finally notified in March, 1996 and is now a part of the official Exim Policy. A similar exercise for the Export Policy was completed and notified in 2004
  • Worked with APEDA to suggest a revised ITC(HS) Coding system at eight digit level for agri items covering Chapter 1 to 24 based on DTR data. Findings presented to Agri Industries all over India and also to Ministry of Commerce.
  • Analysed the structure of India’s imports in a big project based on DTR data for Ministry of Finance with ISID in 1991. This was the beginning of actual analysis of DTR and was the path breaker at that time.
  • Over the last 33 years, the Academy has made significant original contributions in bringing transparency to Exim Policy and tariff affairs besides adding to the body of knowledge on trade issues.
  • Chaired WTO Public Forum 2011 meeting on the subject “Controlling Food Prices in Turbulent Times – An Agenda for South Asia” organised by World Trade Centre Mumbai and Academy of Business Studies held in 20 September 2011 at Geneva.
  • The Academy has worked on the concept subject of WTO since 1994 with the support of World Trade Centre, Mumbai and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Edited the state of art compilation WTO in the New Millennium: Commentary, Case Law, Legal Texts over five editions. Personally monitored all ten WTO Ministerial starting from Singapore (1996), Geneva (1998), Seattle (1999), Doha (2001), Cancún (2003), Hong Kong (2005), Geneva (2009), Geneva (2011), Bali (2013), Nairobi (2015). We also edit and publish the World Trade Scanner, an international weekly on WTO and other current topics of global trade. All ten WTO Ministerial have been personally monitored by ABS.
  • Authored a Commentary on Export and Import Policy 2002-2007 with Vinod Mehta in May 2002. Also edited titles on Trade Payment Systems by GD Awasthi and Foreign Exchange Management by AV Rajwade.
  • ABS works closely with the European Commission and World Bank on trade policy in India and South Asia.
  • Personally covered the trade aspects of South Asia in Islamabad SAARC meeting (January 2004) and Kathmandu (January 2002).
  • The ABS Consultancy Service provides advisory services on trade matters, particularly on trade policies and procedures, duty structure, and WTO issues to international organisations, governments and the private sector.